30 December 2008

Words Fail Me

Of late my experiences on the internet have not been great. Specially related to work. Mostly owing to my own foolishness and gullibility. I am a person given to believing the good in others because I see them as a reflection of my own personality. Since I would never cause a person discomfort or actually con them, I feel that the rest of the world is also like that. It has recently been brought to my notice that it is not. That people exist who will willingly dupe you and have no regrets about it.

I have been feeling low and out. Wondering how they can not realize that the law of Karma is going to catch up with them. That they will have to repay all the wrongs that they do in this life in the future. I feel sad that they keep pushing back the salvation that they can earn in human form and plunge right into a cycle of birth and rebirth. Don’t they see that the only way to get their lives under order is to make sure that you don’t take anything without giving back in return?

The moral question troubles me more than the financial loss. Then I give thanks to the fact that even if I don't make a single dollar this month I will not feel a pinch. I give thanks to the fact that I have a financially sound background and that I do not need to earn my keep. I give thanks for the fact that my family and social life do not get affected by these incidents. I try and release my negative feelings so that I don’t harbour ill will towards these individuals who have conned me. That will be most detrimental to my own self.

I don’t want to be reborn as a low life form just because I was too venomous in my reaction to wrong doings against me. I will be happy to consider that the work that I did was a repayment of an older due, maybe from a past lifetime. That I have been able to pay in full this time round. It makes it easier to think of it this way and close the chapter. If I think that it is a new due that is to come to me, I will just get upset and not know what to do, specially as it will mean that I will need to be reborn to allow that individual to make good his karma.

I only pray that more people in the world realize that there is more to life than getting a great deal at another person’s expense. After all it is better to be kind and true in the long run than to be petty and mean. Any one will tell you that. So now I end with a small prayer to forgive those who have conned me as I bear them no malice. They made me wiser and I am glad for the life experience that they provided.

May be in the new year I will do better and be more careful about what I get into. Perhaps the life lesson I had to learn was not to be so trusting. Unfortunately I am still the same and I probably will do another person the charity of writing for them without getting paid for it. Take it with my blessings. I have exhumed my demons, but you might still be plagued by yours. DO the right thing. Leave the rest in the hands of the powers above.

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  1. well said leave the rest to the supreme power coz no one is above him and i have come to believe through my own experiences that one has to pay for his deeds here and not in any other births or rebirths its just that their time has not come
    and these things do teach us invaluable lessons so one must think of these instances as that of certain lessons learnt and move on