25 February 2009

25 Things that you might not know about me

While I love to talk and you might know a lot about me already, here is a list of things that you might not know.

1. I was born in Nagpur
2. I had my first tank ride at 3 years of age in Jammu.
3. I drove my first tank at 15 years of age in Babina.
4. I love dogs, but am hesitating to keep a pet till Rehaan is grown up. (One kid to clean up after is quite enough.)
5. I don’t like cats.
6. I have studied in 11 different schools for 12 years of schooling.
7. I am currently living in my 30th home.
8. I have visited every mountain range in India.
9. I have had lunch on the Tibetan Plateau.
10. I am a qualified Travel Agent.
11. I am a qualified HR Trainer.
12. I am a published Author.
13. I am a freelance writer.
14. I am a Reiki medium.
15. I am a Tarot Card reader.
16. I believe in God and his angels on earth and in heaven.
17. I believe in rebirth and the cycle of Karma.
18. I enjoy books more than TV.
19. I love music and enjoy both singing and dancing.
20. I can survive on soup and toast for dinner for a month.
21. My favourite chocolate is hazelnut flavoured, ferrero rocher.
22. I have no favourite colour.
23. I have no favourite flower.
24. My favourite city in the world is Venice. Would love to revisit it one day.
25. My favourite city in India is Pune. Have not been there in the last 3 years.

11 February 2009

Discovery of India

My latest project has me writing web content for a travel to India portal. Despite being an Indian and a fairly well traveled Indian at that, I have learnt so much more about my country after getting involved in this project. Which is saying quite a bit as I have lived in more than 11 different Indian towns over the years.

Each part of the country has its own unique heritage to offer. The history is different, the culture is different, the food is different and the dress is different. All that I knew, what I did learn is the exact differences that exist. The smaller details that despite having lived through them, I had never bothered to pick up on.

From the Metros of Delhi and Mumbai there were no surprises. I have been visiting them almost every year of my life, passing through or on a holiday. Goa is great fun for all who visit, and in my case its become extended family home after marriage, so it was easy to write about.

The South was where I had my real challenge. Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi to be precise. My longing to visit Kerala has now intensified and am very soon going to plan a trip here. Chennai I have visited and don't think there is more to see, but despite my hubby knowing Bangalore inside out, I have not yet visited. Another trip to be made.

All in all the whole experience has been fun. It has been my personal discovery of India, a bit incomplete as they did not cover Rajasthan. In any case I have lived there for three years so I don't need to plan a trip there. Next holiday will be in gay Maharasthra.