30 April 2012

What's the news?

Its been a while since an update and its purely because I have been living much more offline than I do online. Being in a place where you can actually go out and see things is great after the last station. In the last three months I have been to a puppet show at the Indian Habitat Center organized by Ishara puppet theater, the largest Mall in India at Gurgaon, and to the internal wholesale markets in the heart of Delhi-6.
Life could not get any better!
In Gaffar Market I discovered a shop that sells all the imported stuff like Mars bars and Toblerones at whole sale rates. Needless to say my purse bottomed out there! Got some amazing bottle shaped liquor chocolates and lots of tinned sardines and tuna stuff as well. Not to mention huge boxes of sweets for Rehaan to distribute in school on his birthday.
Take a look at my shopping haul from that day!
Now the FA1 is almost on us and then we look forward to the summer holidays. Other than that life is busy due to the on and off absence of the part time maid. The water in Dwarka is horrible. It dried out my oily skin! Can not believe how that happened.
Another unbelievable event was my Twitter Account getting hacked. Read the last blog post for details. 
Other recent excitement included getting an article of mine published in the Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul - Teens Talk Growing Up. Its a real thrill seeing your name in print, no matter how much you manage to publish online.   Am also looking forward to the next issue of Salute Magazine...fingers crossed...you may see yours truly's article printed in it.

Twitter Account Got Hacked!

I don't know how it happened, but it did. I have been more involved with the book that I am editing than the online work recently so it could have happened any time last month. All I know is I got a message from the Twitter customer care team saying that my account information had been reset. I had no clue what happened and did not pay too much attention to it.
I, of all people, should have known better. My account had been hacked and every single person on my follower list was @ messaged with a link to some unsafe site. I was blissfully unaware of this till I happened to come to this blog. On the home page I had an app which would show my last few tweets. Imagine my shock when I saw just what these were.
Anyway, I logged into my Twitter account after using the change password link from the email that they had sent me. Now I reset the information and began deleting the tweets that had the link. Imagine my horror when I realized that it was not just a few but literally thousands of tweets. Thanks to the built in security measures at Twitter I can not delete these en mass, but have to do so one at a time.
It was just not worth the effort. So I have deactivated the account and am now going to stick with the blog and Facebook to share whatever I want to. A real violation of privacy and steady reminder of just how unsafe data shared online can be. As of now I am not restarting the twitter account as it really does not provide me with any special advantage. So if you need to get in touch with me use email or Facebook.