05 December 2008

Blogging My Latest Passion

Now I am a blogger.

Before this I have been a lot of other things.

In turns, professionally,I have been an Event Manager (while still graduating),a Content Writer for a medical web site (while doing my post graduation), a certified Travel Agent (immediately after post graduation), and an HR Trainer (from one after getting married till I gave birth to my son).

As I was growing up my mother always told me to stick to one thing, and I never could. I started off with Science in school and switched to English Literature in college. Then I did a whole of short courses along with college including three levels of German language, one course in advertising, one in travel and tourism and of course I had my Air Wing NCC exams. By the time I finished my third year and final year as an under graduate I was no closer to being focused on what I wanted to do.

So I went off to Wellington where my father had the foresight to enroll me into a management post graduate course which I could attend while I made up my mind to do something specific. I finished the management course and thought I wanted to go into travel and tourism. So I now did my diploma with British Airways and got to work as a Travel Agent even before I could give my diploma exams. I stayed on with them till I got married and then took a year off playing housewife and setting up home.

In the meanwhile my neighbour got me into HR Training. I assisted her in developing four workshops and designed one all by myself. Then I decided to get trained for this job and did a second post graduation specializing in training and development. Worked for the next three years in the field and developed two more workshops of my own. Then I got pregnant and gave it up to enjoy my child. After he was two I rejoined training but my heart was not in it. So I took another break.

It was at this turn that a friend of mine introduced me to the wonderful world of blogging, so here I am.

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