04 December 2008

The Militant Element

I was talking about the recent terrorist attacks on Mumbai(who isn't talking about them) to an aunt of mine. She is an intensely spiritual person. A Professional Tarot Card Reader and Teacher, with a firm belief in the law of Karma. The theory she put forth was very interesting. She is a firm believer in the fact that if you owe someone anything you will come back to make good to that person in your next life. To the extent that she will ensure that she pays her taxi fare to the last paise because she does not want to come back to live another life just to be paid a rupee by the cab driver.

According to her the militant trait never existed in Hindus till this century. So she says the people who were born into this religion now have come from the people who have hurt or harmed Hindus in a previous life time. Now focus on the conversion by the sword carried out by the Muslims. In the last century the Muslims who ridiculed Hindus as infidels and created Jihad on them killing many millions, have all died, and been reborn as Hindus. They needed to learn about the Hindu religion and they have. What they have not learnt is tolerance for other religions.

The militant traits in Muslims came to them from the warriors of the Crusade. In her opinion these lost souls are doomed to rebirth after each such fanatical life in all the religions that they ridicule or harm. They need to learn tolerance and till that happens this militant streak that is visiting our world in the guise of terror attacks will continue.

I felt it was a very interesting theory. What do you think?


  1. it is an intersting theory only if we could convince the perpetrators the same ...the world would be a different place