30 December 2008

I Hit a Century

In this Cricket Crazy Nation it would be madness to let this news just lie down and die. So here I am with my Tom-Toms and Pom-Poms and loudly declaring to the world that This Is My Hundredth Blog Post! (Trumpets!)

To be honest I never thought that it would be possible to go on for so long. I guess I can stick at some stuff after all. Have totally enjoyed the journey so far and am looking forward to what the future has to offer.

Speaking of the Future...Welcome 2009. The last year was so amazingly busy for me both on the family front and on the professional that I can scarcely believe how fast it went. With my son's operation, his starting schooling, my online freelance career starting, getting my blog going, there have been a lot of firsts this year.

Thanks to all of you who made it possible by supporting me. In fact the main reason I keep writing is because I enjoy it and for once I seem to have found something that can go on long term. Unlike all the other things that I have to leave behind after every posting and change of address.

Words Fail Me

Of late my experiences on the internet have not been great. Specially related to work. Mostly owing to my own foolishness and gullibility. I am a person given to believing the good in others because I see them as a reflection of my own personality. Since I would never cause a person discomfort or actually con them, I feel that the rest of the world is also like that. It has recently been brought to my notice that it is not. That people exist who will willingly dupe you and have no regrets about it.

I have been feeling low and out. Wondering how they can not realize that the law of Karma is going to catch up with them. That they will have to repay all the wrongs that they do in this life in the future. I feel sad that they keep pushing back the salvation that they can earn in human form and plunge right into a cycle of birth and rebirth. Don’t they see that the only way to get their lives under order is to make sure that you don’t take anything without giving back in return?

The moral question troubles me more than the financial loss. Then I give thanks to the fact that even if I don't make a single dollar this month I will not feel a pinch. I give thanks to the fact that I have a financially sound background and that I do not need to earn my keep. I give thanks for the fact that my family and social life do not get affected by these incidents. I try and release my negative feelings so that I don’t harbour ill will towards these individuals who have conned me. That will be most detrimental to my own self.

I don’t want to be reborn as a low life form just because I was too venomous in my reaction to wrong doings against me. I will be happy to consider that the work that I did was a repayment of an older due, maybe from a past lifetime. That I have been able to pay in full this time round. It makes it easier to think of it this way and close the chapter. If I think that it is a new due that is to come to me, I will just get upset and not know what to do, specially as it will mean that I will need to be reborn to allow that individual to make good his karma.

I only pray that more people in the world realize that there is more to life than getting a great deal at another person’s expense. After all it is better to be kind and true in the long run than to be petty and mean. Any one will tell you that. So now I end with a small prayer to forgive those who have conned me as I bear them no malice. They made me wiser and I am glad for the life experience that they provided.

May be in the new year I will do better and be more careful about what I get into. Perhaps the life lesson I had to learn was not to be so trusting. Unfortunately I am still the same and I probably will do another person the charity of writing for them without getting paid for it. Take it with my blessings. I have exhumed my demons, but you might still be plagued by yours. DO the right thing. Leave the rest in the hands of the powers above.

23 December 2008

Season's Greetings


Here's Wishing You and Your Family a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.

May there be joy and happiness all over.

See you in the new year.

17 December 2008

Bush Gets the Boot!

It has to be the most Indian thing that I have seen on the International Chapter so far. What is so surprising about the whole matter is that he missed! Guess Bush has finally learnt to duck in the face of oncoming missiles. One is so used to his opening his mouth and shooting them out that this makes a pleasant change. Kind of reminds me of the usual day in the Bihar Lok Sabha. No one would even bat an eyelid if it happened there.

The true measure of the feelings of the people of Iraq flew with that forlorn footwear in futile fury at Bush. That’s what every kid on the street on the street in Baghdad would like to do, but will never get the opportunity to do. I know that the man got imprisoned and all that but I’m hoping against hope that he’s getting served caviar in prison for his amazing feat of bravery. It truly was a rallying point in the low spirits of the Iraqi people.

Given the fact that the farewell visit was something of a formality that neither side was truly interested in, it sure became the talk of the town after that incident. Every major newspaper and news channel is milking that footage and story for all its TRP ratings. There will hardly be a man, woman or child with access to a television who will not have heard that story by the end of the week. For a pair of size ten boots that’s quite a debut.

I won’t be surprised if in a decade or so from now the same footage is shown at an auction house in London. We will be told the story all over again by a polite Englishman with impeccable manners. Then the same shoes will go on auction for thousands of pounds more than the original value. Maybe some rich and patriotic Iraqi will silently bid an astronomical amount on it. Then we will laugh at the memory and marvel at the tenacity of the man who held on to the pair and finally cashed in on them after so many years. Such is life…

12 December 2008

Been a bit busy

Hi folks,

One of the reasons that I set up this blog (to show case my writing skills to potential employees)has been keeping me kind of busy. So have not had much time for the other two, i.e making a showcase of my workshops and keeping up with my varied hobbies.

So here's a short round up.

The tarot has been consulted for a friend recently and was so accurate that the friend was amazed. It has also forecast a wonderful year ahead, which I'm hoping will be true.

Then my weight loss program is on hold thanks to the cold. It is just too cold to get on the bike and cycle.

Have been working on eBooks, reports, thesis, articles, comments and forum threads lately. Need a break so am doing some training related work now, feels nice.

Other than that am all fine and will post more detailed stuff soon.
Bye for now.

05 December 2008

Blogging My Latest Passion

Now I am a blogger.

Before this I have been a lot of other things.

In turns, professionally,I have been an Event Manager (while still graduating),a Content Writer for a medical web site (while doing my post graduation), a certified Travel Agent (immediately after post graduation), and an HR Trainer (from one after getting married till I gave birth to my son).

As I was growing up my mother always told me to stick to one thing, and I never could. I started off with Science in school and switched to English Literature in college. Then I did a whole of short courses along with college including three levels of German language, one course in advertising, one in travel and tourism and of course I had my Air Wing NCC exams. By the time I finished my third year and final year as an under graduate I was no closer to being focused on what I wanted to do.

So I went off to Wellington where my father had the foresight to enroll me into a management post graduate course which I could attend while I made up my mind to do something specific. I finished the management course and thought I wanted to go into travel and tourism. So I now did my diploma with British Airways and got to work as a Travel Agent even before I could give my diploma exams. I stayed on with them till I got married and then took a year off playing housewife and setting up home.

In the meanwhile my neighbour got me into HR Training. I assisted her in developing four workshops and designed one all by myself. Then I decided to get trained for this job and did a second post graduation specializing in training and development. Worked for the next three years in the field and developed two more workshops of my own. Then I got pregnant and gave it up to enjoy my child. After he was two I rejoined training but my heart was not in it. So I took another break.

It was at this turn that a friend of mine introduced me to the wonderful world of blogging, so here I am.

04 December 2008

The Militant Element

I was talking about the recent terrorist attacks on Mumbai(who isn't talking about them) to an aunt of mine. She is an intensely spiritual person. A Professional Tarot Card Reader and Teacher, with a firm belief in the law of Karma. The theory she put forth was very interesting. She is a firm believer in the fact that if you owe someone anything you will come back to make good to that person in your next life. To the extent that she will ensure that she pays her taxi fare to the last paise because she does not want to come back to live another life just to be paid a rupee by the cab driver.

According to her the militant trait never existed in Hindus till this century. So she says the people who were born into this religion now have come from the people who have hurt or harmed Hindus in a previous life time. Now focus on the conversion by the sword carried out by the Muslims. In the last century the Muslims who ridiculed Hindus as infidels and created Jihad on them killing many millions, have all died, and been reborn as Hindus. They needed to learn about the Hindu religion and they have. What they have not learnt is tolerance for other religions.

The militant traits in Muslims came to them from the warriors of the Crusade. In her opinion these lost souls are doomed to rebirth after each such fanatical life in all the religions that they ridicule or harm. They need to learn tolerance and till that happens this militant streak that is visiting our world in the guise of terror attacks will continue.

I felt it was a very interesting theory. What do you think?

03 December 2008

Weight Management Update

After all the excitement of having lost six kgs I decided to sit back and relax for a while. Have gone off all exercise and pranayam and am wondering about how long it will be before I gain all the weight again. So with great hesitation I climbed the scales today and to my amazement I found that over a month of no exercise and regular eating had only tacked back one kg.

Am greatly relived and also motivated to get back to the routine as soon as the winter receeds. Its just too cold to go cycling or do pranayam in the winters. Till then am going to monitor my diet a bit more closely to see if I can cut down calories. Not that I have much hope of doing that.

I am currently working on material related to weight management with a Dominos Pizza by my side...)

Its Hopeless!

Madness in Mumbai

The first time I visited Mumbai I was six years old and visiting my Greatgrand Mother for the first time. I have wonderful memories of that visit as I was pampered by all the Uncles and Aunts around, being the only little kid there. I was introduced to the Parsi Dairy Kulfi, Mangola, and Double Decker Buses. All of which were fabulous experiences for this little kid usually stuck in small cities on the border.

On every subsequent visit over the years I saw a bit more of the city and loved it even more. When I was around eleven we used to go to Mumbai to welcome my father home from abroad. Ma and I would usually stay with her college friend and her kids and I would enjoy the summer holidays together. I remember getting up nice and early just to go to the beach when it was still cool. Then after walking to the beach, playing over there and coming back we would all be bathed and fed and sent back to bed. All in the middle of the morning.

The days that the two friends decided to go shopping together, we would be given some money to fend for lunch for ourselves. I distinctly remember eating around three ice creams for lunch once. And visiting the Hare Rama Hare Krishna ISKON temple canteen to eat a Thali once. Then of course there was all the wonderful shopping that could be done. All the latest trends and the movies that could be seen.

At age thirteen I remember going with a group of boys, all kids of my mother's school and college friends, to see Jurassic Park. I was the only girl in the group and was always pampered. They would get the seats for me in the local train, or bus that we were taking. I was always made to walk in the middle of the group. It was the feeling of pure safety.

At nineteen I was proposed to for the first time in Mumbai. I will never forget that night, even though I said no. It was one of the most romantic gestures that friend of mine ever made.

The college festival that we had gone to attend as a group was Malhar. It was an experience to be running around choupati with fifteen other friends till mid night eating bhel and then crossing the road en mass to eat ice cream at New Yorkers. I remember not getting the waffle cone that I so specifically asked for.

And in all these memories never once do I remember being afraid. Never once did I feel unsafe even at three in the morning taking a cab back from Madness after a great round of dancing.

Things are just not the same. Have you ever stopped to think what happened in Mumbai could happen anywhere? Any place that you have cherished, have had fun with friends could overnight turn into a living hell. All it needs its a few people seeped in their fanatical madness to create more madness all around.

I wish it were not so, but my child is growing up in a world where I am not sure he will live a full long life, because I don't know where the bombs will go off next.