30 December 2008

I Hit a Century

In this Cricket Crazy Nation it would be madness to let this news just lie down and die. So here I am with my Tom-Toms and Pom-Poms and loudly declaring to the world that This Is My Hundredth Blog Post! (Trumpets!)

To be honest I never thought that it would be possible to go on for so long. I guess I can stick at some stuff after all. Have totally enjoyed the journey so far and am looking forward to what the future has to offer.

Speaking of the Future...Welcome 2009. The last year was so amazingly busy for me both on the family front and on the professional that I can scarcely believe how fast it went. With my son's operation, his starting schooling, my online freelance career starting, getting my blog going, there have been a lot of firsts this year.

Thanks to all of you who made it possible by supporting me. In fact the main reason I keep writing is because I enjoy it and for once I seem to have found something that can go on long term. Unlike all the other things that I have to leave behind after every posting and change of address.


  1. good going ...may you hit many more centuries and lemme tell you as much as you enjoy writing i am sure the readers enjoy reading too ...at least i can say that for myself