18 June 2013

Summer Holiday Homework for Moms

Yes, its holiday time for the kids and work time for the moms. There being no way that a child will be able to complete the charts and projects that are assigned to him as holiday home work all on his own, it is inevitable that the mother ends up doing them.

Here I'm showcasing my talent. LOL
This was a clock model that we had to make for mathematics. The hour and minute hands actually move.
This was a collage we made on the life and times of Mahatma Gandhi for holiday homework project in Hindi.
Then we had the means of communication coming up for environmental science. This was an older project but I decided to add it in here anyway.

Then there is the personal ongoing origami calender which has us folding an airplane a day. Although this one has been suffering some setbacks since the summer holidays began.
 Then we had the paper bags for art and craft class. I first experimented on the design that I googled with newspaper and then did it again neater in card paper.

Then there was this round of painting where we did the background of a Road Safety poster using paints in ice cube form. Mixed water colours with water and froze them for a couple of hours before my son has a blast doing an abstract art painting.
There is also a genders chart for English and a input and output devices chart for computers that have not yet been photographed. All in all an exhausting summer holiday!

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