12 December 2008

Been a bit busy

Hi folks,

One of the reasons that I set up this blog (to show case my writing skills to potential employees)has been keeping me kind of busy. So have not had much time for the other two, i.e making a showcase of my workshops and keeping up with my varied hobbies.

So here's a short round up.

The tarot has been consulted for a friend recently and was so accurate that the friend was amazed. It has also forecast a wonderful year ahead, which I'm hoping will be true.

Then my weight loss program is on hold thanks to the cold. It is just too cold to get on the bike and cycle.

Have been working on eBooks, reports, thesis, articles, comments and forum threads lately. Need a break so am doing some training related work now, feels nice.

Other than that am all fine and will post more detailed stuff soon.
Bye for now.

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