03 December 2008

Weight Management Update

After all the excitement of having lost six kgs I decided to sit back and relax for a while. Have gone off all exercise and pranayam and am wondering about how long it will be before I gain all the weight again. So with great hesitation I climbed the scales today and to my amazement I found that over a month of no exercise and regular eating had only tacked back one kg.

Am greatly relived and also motivated to get back to the routine as soon as the winter receeds. Its just too cold to go cycling or do pranayam in the winters. Till then am going to monitor my diet a bit more closely to see if I can cut down calories. Not that I have much hope of doing that.

I am currently working on material related to weight management with a Dominos Pizza by my side...)

Its Hopeless!

1 comment:

  1. amazing ...but just a small piece of advise pl check and set the calibration of scales ...it can be pretty deceptive at times