03 June 2008

Train the Trainer

I am majorly excited about the last two workshops that I conducted. They were my first "Train the Trainer" workshops. And if you are an HR trainer you would know what a kick that is. Its just the first step towards being declared an expert in your field.

I did the first workshop for the teachers of Army School, Ambala. There were about thirty of them. English, Science and Maths teachers for the most part. It was wonderful interacting with them. They shared a lot of tricks that they used to get students interested. It was as informative for me as I hope it was for them.

The second one was with the members of AWWA Kharga. AS one can expect when you are delegated to attend a workshop your enthusiasm levels are not going to be very high. However by the time I got going the number of responses did get better. Still the first one was more satisfying. I hope to follow this up with something of the same ilk in Agra.

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