06 June 2008

Online Offline

Just how irrrrritating is it to get grounded thanks to your computer. Everytime I decide to do something new, this laptop of mine gives up on me. Okay I am no software engineer, but I do have basic working knowledge of computers. I can handle the keyboard with relative ease and surf the net like a pro.

So here i decide to blog. A good way to practise writing regularly and hash up some good ideas for my book. Then I get the Virus...not the one I want, but it makes me loose sleep, and gain wrinkles. Don't ask me how, It just does. Only thing it doesn't do is make me loose weight. Which is what I would really like to do. That however is good for another post so will just stick to this one.

When will the internet get safe for the novice? How do you keep your computer safe when you suddenly decide to go beyond Yahoo, Orkut and the ilk? Also how do you make sure that your husband doesn't go into THOSE sites and get heaps of spyware loaded onto the comp? What is the best security software. There too the confusion is rampant with one person swearing by a certain software and the next person swearing at that very software.

Anyway, long and short of it is that i am offline for a while till my comp is made Virus free again. Will keep you posted on when that happens.

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