06 June 2008

Back to Base

After being all over the country for the last 40 days, I am going back home. Needless to say there are mixed feelings. The holiday is over and that is saddening, but home calls out to me and there is no place like home. So will be back tomorrow evening. All of you who have been unable to get in touch with me for some reason or the other will now be able to contact me at home.

My son is also looking forward to going back home. He's been pestering me to board the train (which is not due till 6am tomorrow) just so that he can go home. Can't blame him. He's the one who has borne the brunt of this break with two trips to the hospital each lasting 4 days. Is it a wonder that he won't let anyone resembling a doctor or nurse near him.

My husband has also been living the bachelor life in my absence. I dread to see the condition of all the cupboards at home. I know I will probably spend the rest of the month trying to regain control of my domain. The kitchen is going to be a humongous mess. I just know it, but still there is a song in my heart. Will let you know the tune once I get home;)

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