23 June 2008

The Blogosphere

I have spent the better part of May and June trying to surf the wild unknown areas of the Blogosphere. I was so out of touch with this aspect of the net that now that I am diving into it I keep wondering how I missed this particular ocean! I mean there are literally tons of people out there writing everyday about a host of topics under the sun. So how did I never get into this before? Simple answer, have just not looked beyond Instant Messaging and Email. The only other use I had for the net was researching data and that doesnt really have much to do with blogs.

So here I was an unknown in the area of the blog suddenly thrust right into its midst with one solid push from a dear friend. To whom I will remain thankful for introducing me to this new world, a whole new one like Alladin would say. Then there was this infant in the blogosphere trying to get a grip on events. Quite soon I cut my teeth (a background in basic programming helped just a wee bit) and I was hungry for more. I started devouring the blogs as soon as I could find them and did I find a few.

There were technical ones and fun sites. Some on positive thinking and others on making money on the net. As I went through them I realised that this was fun. It was also something that I wanted to do for myself. So withing 18 days of first seeing a blog I rushed in and wrote my first post. Also ambitious that I am I went ahead and got two blogs set up. One on wordpress and the other on blogger. Since then I am seriously studying the blogosphere and trying to find a niche where I can make some dough off the blogs. Till now it has avoided me, but I shall find it all the same.

In case you have news for me on that count do add your comment.

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