28 July 2015

Life Changes Direction Once Again

After going through a number of twists and turns life has once again changed direction for me. From a content writer, to a travel assistant, to a blogger, freelance writer, ebook author, and now a Reiki Master, it has been an amazing journey of growth.

I've been through phases that I enjoyed, and some that I almost hated, but I recognize that each of them was required to help me reach the spot that I am at right now. I accept that the tapestry of my life is riddled with a number of different experiences and it is richer for each of them. No matter what I felt about them when I was undergoing the experiences.

Over the next couple of years I will be switching from working online as a freelancer to taking on Reiki healings and conducting workshops for attunements. It is my belief that being a spiritual healer is my Life Purpose and I am here to help heal the planet one person at a time. The tools of healing such as EFT, Crystal Therapy, Energy Healing, Tarot and Reiki are ones that I am now going to hone my skills at.

As with any lasting change, you need to work on each step along the way. So before I set out to heal the world, I must heal myself and my immediate circle of souls. I am in a way testing the waters to see how well I am able to swim in this new direction. There will be strong learning curve along the way, and I am sure there will be interesting times ahead.

I am thankful to everyone who has encouraged me to go down this path. The cheerleaders, who pushed me through each stage when I was swamped with self doubt, have my endless gratitude. The souls who supported me, wittingly and unwittingly, to reach this stage have contributed beautifully to my soul's contract with the Source and I thank them.

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