30 November 2016

Poems from "Her Warrior Poet" by Candy Laine

Her Warrior Poet is the name I've picked for the latest Candy Laine publication. It's a first attempt at a full length book and took a lot of effort to bring out. I'm just about done with the first draft and in the process of putting together the cover. Since I'm super excited about the #Nanowrimo Win today I decided to blog about it. That I want to write more after punching out fifty thousand words in thirty days is taken as a good sign by this blogger who last posted a year and half ago.

Arun Rastogi is a gentle soul, who can kill with his bare hands. With the heart of a poet, this warrior finds his muse in the lovely young doctor, Shweta Karkare. The poet who never wanted to be a warrior, meets the warrior's daughter who never wanted to love a man in uniform. What follows is a conflict of the heart with the head and a love story that gently unfolds.
This is the poem that Arun writes in his diary after he sees Shweta for the first time.
Meeting My Mate
The first time they met,
The world stood still.
There was no way to forget,
Such beauty wounded to kill.

Those dark eyes were hard to miss,
They inspired his love.
Those lips invited a kiss,
Was all he could think of.

He had no coherent thought,
There was just her.
Her approval was all he sought,
That beautiful saboteur.

In her arms there was fire,
There was love and desire.

Then of course Shweta rejects him and he is

Heart Broken
My heart is broken,
I heard it crack.
My choice is taken,
What sorrow that wracked.

I fear that I,
Will love no more.
Tears my eye,
Will shed no more.

I’ll lock up my emotions
And feel no pain.
Is there a magic potion,
To heal this strain?

I’ll hide my heart behind a wall,
That no one else can scale.
There will be no way to fall,
Again in love and fail.

I had so much fun experimenting with poetry after years. I don't think I've written a new poem in at least 7 years. So it was a whole lot of fun playing with words and making them rhyme. After all Arun didn't have to be a good poet, he just had to showcase his gentle and sensitive nature.
For those of you who want to know more about the fifty thousand word sprint that I made in November 2016 with National Novel Writing Month, I have to say it was a blast. I really didn't think I would be able to complete it in time, but the motivation of fellow authors and the word sprints kept me going. This was a screen shot of my very own winner's certificate.

I'm already looking forward to working on the next novel with the whole bunch of new friends that I just made. Plus of course the support of the great people in the Kick My A$$ and Make Me Create group has been invaluable. Anna, without you I would never have known about this challenge. Upma you were truly my "partner in crime" with all the word sprints and motivation. Aarti, I know you didn't write with us at our speed but were always so supportive as was Kannu. All of you are fantastic and I'm so glad to have you in my life.
A word of thanks to Shail, Sonia and Piyusha our MLs at WriMo India. You kept the momentum and motivation high. Also I got to meet a whole bunch of like minded people who were writing stuff while struggling to meet the word count just like I was. I'm still scrolling through all the wins that have come in and am so happy for everyone who managed to get that certificate!
And now I am tired of writing. It's just time for a break...so I'm going to go celebrate with the Khoya Pedas I made this afternoon after I managed my win.

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