20 June 2015

Spiritual Detoxification : Mind, Body and Soul

What this week is all about

About three years ago my family and I visited a place called Kaivalyadham in Lonavala. It was a Yoga, Ayurdeva and Naturopathy based residential healing clinic. People lived there for a week from Sunday to Sunday and underwent a regime of exercise, diet and talks which allowed them to detoxify their bodies, enlighten their minds and rejuvenate their souls. We all came back feeling amazing. It struck home that just a week was required to make a huge difference in lifestyle.

This week, when you undertake the spiritual detoxification program with me, I wish to replicate the same feeling of good health  and wellness in Mind, Body and Soul. Each day will be begun with the Daily Affirmation which has already been shared on Facebook for easy access. You can find it at the end of this post as well.  Then move on with the idea of enriching each section of your entity with one activity that day. Give yourself the permission to do what makes you happy.

Here’s an example – I want to go watch a play, but it is too far away to go. I make all kinds of excuses and don’t go. Eventually making myself unhappy at having missed the play.


The brain loses neurons much faster if it is not kept occupied. Scientific research has proved that people who play brain games like Sudoko, Crossword puzzles, and even cards are less likely to become forgetful as they age. Their mind stays alert. Unfortunately most of us keep our minds alert by worrying about all kinds of things that may never come to pass. Instead, let’s keep it active by doing a brain exercise like the ones mentioned before, or even picking up a new skill. Learning how to do something you enjoy is a great way to promote detoxification of the mind by replacing the toxic thoughts with something more valuable.


There are two main areas of focus for the body to stay healthy – food and exercise. Eating more raw and unprocessed foods is healthier for your system. The higher fiber content helps detoxify your system and by drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of fluids you ensure that it is all washed right out of your system.  In addition you can ensure that you do a form of physical activity that you enjoy. Rather than pushing yourself to do aerobics, why not just put on some of your favorite music and dance. You get the same physical value doing an activity that makes you happier. Find what works best for you.


Your energy being is always there for you, and to honour it you should spend some time each day bringing value to it. Enrich your soul by doing a Reiki self healing, a guided meditation, self hypnosis, or just merely tratak (candle flame) meditation. If you come up with any other activity please feel free to share it with the group.

I love and accept myself just the way I am. My mind is alert, my body is healthy and my soul is joyous. I have all the qualities I need to conquer all my challenges. The universe helps me manifest success and good fortune on a daily basis. I am grateful for the abundance in my life. 

Before you start this week do a bit of journalling. Write down all the things that are stressing you out, irritating you, bugging you. Remember no one but you will read these notes, so just put down everything you want to improve in your current life situation. Once the week is over you will be able to come back to this list and see if these things are still bothering you.

To know what you wish to focus on, ask yourself a few questions. Identify the area of life that you wish to detoxify. It could be something as simple as stressing out less over daily irritants, or something more complicated such as making a relationship enter a happier phase. You set your focus and ensure that you do an activity every day of the week to make that area of life a little better.

Remember it all starts with acceptance.

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