22 January 2009

Now I’m waiting for a Woman in the Oval Office

All the excitement and furor over the first black president is finally over. Obama is officially in the Oval Office now. People are talking about the high expectations from him in view of the tottering economy and the war on terrorism that he has inherited. If he succeeds they will say it pays to have a change. If he fails they will say that’s why we never trusted a black man with power in this nation before.

Every president has his supporters and distracters, but with Obama each action will be held out and examined in detail. Self proclaimed experts will give their opinion on the hows and whys of his each action. Then grand debates will ensure that no one knows for sure exactly how well he performed. Some positive will be highlighted and lot of negative will get thrown around in the media. The world will wait with baited breath to see what his policies will mean to their country.

The trouble with all this is that - its getting boring. I am fed up with the three ring circus that they offer each time a president gets elected. I am tired of each predictable move and counter move that the opponents put up. I am actually waiting to see a new contest. The one that almost happened this time and whose trailer we saw in the initial stages. I am waiting to see the American people choose between a male and a female candidate.

Its quite funny actually that this so called great democracy has not yet elected a female to its main office of power. So called third world countries like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have had women Prime Ministers, not to mention both India and Pakistan. Mynamar has a woman leader of considerable note. United Kingdom had Margaret Thatcher, so Europe is not that badly off. Africa I’m not too sure about, so I can’t comment, but America? The glaringly obvious statement is that they don’t believe that a woman is good enough.

So when a woman of Hillary Clinton’s stature has such a tough time becoming a candidate for the election, it makes me wonder just what kind of democracy are they running there? Now since I am a woman, I know just how difficult life can be for one in the male dominated society. I am talking about the patriarchic society rules that most of us blindly follow. Any woman who questions them gets termed a trouble maker. And that is just what I want. A trouble maker woman, sitting in the Oval Office and sorting out men’s views on world peace and economic crisis.

Let’s hope I live to see the day!

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  1. amen to that .....well yes i hope we all live to see that happening in america .....
    and a very well written piece ...keep it up