29 January 2009

Impossible Credit!

Why is it so difficult for a credit card company like Citibank to give a woman a credit card? Sure if the husband of the same woman asks for an add on card he will get it. If she tries to get one for herself, they won't give it. If this can happen to a self employed woman, namely myself, my sympathies to the mere "Housewife".

The male mentality is to consider a woman a credit risk. The media pushes that image by showing women to have no financial acumen. The movies paint pictures of women totally dependent on their men. In general if a woman wants to look after herself the society as a whole stands up and says "No, let your husband do it for you."

It is impossible to reason with society and after three abortive attempts with Citibank, I have finally given in to the pressure. My husband has mailed them for an add on credit card for me. We expect to get it withing ten working days. The bitter sweet taste of defeat lingers.

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  1. make yourself heard in a bigger forum ...afterall its the question women's liberation from the shackles of old norms