24 January 2009

I believe in Angels

Of late Doreen Virtue and her Angel Therapy Workshops are playing on my mind. I first heard of them about a month or two ago from my Aunt who has attended them. She had with her an Angel Daily Guidance Pack which she used to give me guidance in that time. I was not too happy with the way my life was going at that stage and was looking for a change. The card I drew was the Ocean. At that point of time I was not conversant at all with Tarot or Angel cards and don’t remember too much of the reading details.

What I do remember was that my Aunt told me to get creative. Do something artistic or even write a book. I had always written poetry and prose as a child and some short stories as well, but after marriage and baby had never gone back to it. So I thought it over and decided to combine two big passions of mine cooking and writing to come up with a cook book. That project was barely begun when I got diverted into the world of online freelancing.

I had not even begun to get a hang of that when I got into Tarot reading. My life started changing in small ways as I became more creative. I was laughing more often, feeling more satisfied and happy doing what I was. One simple act of Angel Guidance helped me change my life. It was the final push I needed to do something about what I wanted in life. I still have not attended a workshop, but am happy doing what I love. The time for the workshop will come just when I am ready for it.

I am now a believer in Angels and I also know that they gently nudge me into fields as I get mentally prepared for them. For me that single card of the ocean started a series of events that helped me get to where I am today. I thank my guardian angels for all the work that they do for me.

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  1. i totally agree with you on this one ...not tht iam in disagreement on your other opinions ......but this one in particular though i have never been to or seeked a tarot card reader's help or anything similar but have been in the creative field for several years now and it is the most satisfying feeling and with each learning it brings you closer to god and humility and perhaps angels too