31 December 2012

Every Writer I Read Influences Me

Ever so often I read a book that has me hanging on to each page to know just what happens next. In my life I must have literally read thousands of books. At my peak I was reading about 15 books a month. I actually had two books going on simultaneously where one would be a classic like the Iliad while the other would be something fast and racy like an Agatha Christie. I would begin with the tougher to read book and flip over for a break to the faster read.

This was in college when I literally had nothing more to do. Naturally being married and having a kid means that I don't have all that much free time today. However without my monthly book fix I do get grumpy. I typically read about 25 books annually even today.Through this blog I intend to pay tribute to my favourite writers by giving book reviews of their books. I intend to do the book reviews in chronological order whenever possible as that's the way I tend to read each author.

At first I'm just going to assemble book reviews that I have written earlier and publish them on this blog. Then I will begin with Nora Roberts' books as I absolutely love reading her work. Even though I never read a romance or mills and boone till I reached 12th class, once I read some Nora Roberts and Donna Clayton I was hooked. I did not miss out on much when I went through the local library collection. Thanks to the internet I was actually able to interview Donna Clayton, which is incidentally a pen name, many years later on Hubpages.

There are many more I will go on to honour through the blog. I hope that my book reviews give you a good idea about the kind of books that you could be reading.If there is a book that you would like reviewed feel free to tell me about it. If I can manage to lay my hands on a physical copy or a kindle version of the book I will be sure to share the book review. Here's looking forward to sharing my literary experiences with you.

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