11 January 2013

p.s. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern

p.s. I Love You 


By Cecelia Ahern

Print Length: 512 pages
Publisher: Harper
Review of the book by Cashmere 

What do you feel like when the man who has been your best friend for 15 years and husband for 7 years dies at the age of 31? That too after struggling with a brain tumor which was not caught in time despite raging headaches? That is what the author of this lovely story explores.

How do you feel when the world wants you to get some fresh air and drink tea, when all you want to do is wish that you could die. When all that you can think of is the past and the future seems impossible? When you wish that you had died with your husband so that you could be together?

As Holly works through her demons she gets by with support from friends and family and most importantly the list that her dead husband left back for her. A single note with a mission for each month after his death till the new year. Notes which she lives for and which have become the center of her attention. How will she cope when all the notes are over?

Its a sentimental and often sad journey of rediscovery for the widow who is missing her husband to the exclusion of the rest of the world. It really gets to you sometimes and yes I cried and yes I had to see the movie after I read the book.

Thank You Prabhjot for lending me this book! I had not heard about it or the movie made out of the novel starring Hillary Swank and Gerald Butler. And if you had not told me I must read it I would have probably missed out on a beautiful although tear jerking story.

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