08 October 2014

Some Old News and A New Hobby

Since its been a while I thought I'd write up a post about what's happening these days. Well the Kini is now no longer with me, and I am absolutely loving my little white Alto 800. I must say its a very liberating feeling to not have to carry your helmet around while you shop. To be able to wear short sleeves without the fear of sun burn and to generally ruin the mileage on your car by sitting at the bus stop with the AC running! (If my hubby is reading this no I don't do it everyday, only on hot ones :D )

School break after the SA1 was a bit of a bummer as my son eloquently put it , "You didn't take me anywhere!" With the heat and the ever present fear I have of moving in crowded markets in Delhi during festival season it was a problem to leave the house those five days.Hopefully the Club Penguin membership and movies we saw made up for the lack of outings for him. Will try and get him out when the weather improves somewhat.

For anyone who knew me as a child it will come as no surprise when I say I love to read. I could often be seen speed reading through the local library's collection and it is honestly a miracle that I didn't get glasses way back then. Anyhow the point I am trying to make is that I'm really enjoying reading and reviewing books these days as a hobby. It all started with an author asking me if I would write a review for a romance novel of hers that I had read. I naturally jumped at the opportunity and now I am totally enjoying this new pass time. 

I also began working a couple of months ago with a beautiful set of people all associated with self transformational workshops based on the philosophy of Louise Hay. In case you haven't read her book Heal Your Life, I would highly recommend reading it. I have been working on the social media marketing for them and it has been an extremely spiritually enriching experience. The mind body connection, law of attraction and self love for your inner child have all received a huge boost in my understanding of how things work. If you would like to read the articles that I have written for them feel free to ask me for the link.

My cooking blog has taken a back seat at present as I struggle to put together a cook book with another friend. I still am making a number of new puddings and am totally enjoying the interaction on Chef at Large, but don't get to write too much about it. Will hopefully do another post when I have some spare time. Other than that life is good. What's happening in yours?!

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