19 November 2013

Publishing Ebooks on Kindle

Its been a while since I wrote here and that's mainly because of the other writing work taking up so much of my time. For those of you who do not know as yet, although its hard to be friends with me on Facebook and not know, I have published a couple of ebooks for Kindle. You can access them on your Kindle ebook reader, or through a Kindle Android App on your Smart Phone.

In case you do not have a Smart Phone you can read the ebooks using Kindle for PC. This is a free software available to anyone with an Amazon account. An Amazon account is also free to open. So you register with Amazon then download and install this software and you can read all the Kindle ebooks you like using this software on your Personal Computer. I wrote a hub about the whole process if you want details.How to Read Kindle e-Books Without Owning a Kindle Device.

The books are available for sale on Amazon.com and you can take a look at my Nom de Plume, Candy Laine's Amazon Author Page by clicking on the link. I'm still working on the Author description and other parts of the page. I will be adding a twitter feed if I feel the effort is justified. Feel free to give me feedback on what I should add or delete. It currently lists the two books that are published with them and gets updates from the Candy Laine official blog.

Yes, I set up a different website for the brand Candy Laine on weebly (which is a great place to set up test websites for free) and you can access the Candy Laine Blog by clicking on this link. This is also the work of just one morning and will be refined when I get some more time. All books that are published by me in the future will be offered free of cost for a promotional download lasting a couple of days.The time for the promotion will be shared on this blog and on the Candy Laine Facebook page.

Oh yes, I have been busy alright. I set up a Candy Laine Facebook page which you can access by clicking the link. Those of you already on Facebook can simply follow the link to the page and click the like button. That way all page updates will automatically show up in your home page feed. Allowing you to know just when the next book will be released and when it will be available for downloading. A lot of you like the links and photos that I post on this page, but have not got around to liking the main page, so please help me out here and go give the main page a like!

It seems that its important for Kindle ebook publishers to network and one such site I am trying out is Kindle Mojo. I found the site when the owner began following me on Twitter. It seemed like a good place to begin practicing some marketing so I went ahead and set up a profile page for Candy Laine on Kindle Mojo. Its got nothing new if you have already visited all the other links, so don't bother clicking through! :) This is also one of those experimental webpages that I'm setting up to see what kind of response is generated through it.

Okay, so now you know why I have not had much time to blog of late. There's been just too much else writing happening for Ms Candy Laine. Do tell me how you like the sound of this name as well. I did have some second thoughts about picking it, but when a dear friend of mine said that it sounded "pretty and gentle and romantic" I was thrilled. That's exactly what I wanted the author of these books to sound like. I even gave the blog the subheading "where romance flows."

That's it from my end for now folks. Will keep you apprised of what comes next. Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings.

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