19 August 2013

Living History by Hillary Clinton

Living History 

  by Hillary Clinton

Paperback: 592 pages
Publisher: Scribner
Review of the book by Cashmere 
It is impossible to think of Hillary Clinton without thinking about her equally famous husband, Bill Clinton.
Being the first lady of the country did change the way she was perceived. In this autobiography she speaks of those years she spent in the White House and the past that led them to it.

Ever wonder what it would be like to get inside the head of the wife of one of the most powerful men on the planet? Living History By Hillary Rodham Clinton gives you that opportunity. She talks extensively about the years that she spent in the White House along with a brief history of how she got there. This is what made it interesting reading.

Indeed she is all set to portray the all American Girl who comes from a regular middle class American family. She married her college sweetheart and then shifted away from friends and family to live with him. She also supported his decision to get into politics and dealt with minor issues of her own as a lawyer and somewhere along the way she became Mrs. President.

I happened to learn some facts that I did not know, interestingly enough that my wedding anniversary and her birthday fall on the same day. For those of you who are interested that would be 26 October. And some other well documented facts were seen from her unique perspective. Although she did not mention any of the more private details of her more publicly trying times, she did not gloss over them totally either. There is no doubt that she is a strong individual.

Many instances in the book show that element of iron she has. Something that we have seen her exhibit after she took over her current appointment. At the same time she is a definite champion for women in the workplace. It is thanks to her that a number of other women and girls worldwide feel inspired.

I was most interested in what her reaction to Monica and the whole scandal was, there the book dealt with a sensitive issue proving just enough information and not too much of emotion. All in all while it did take me two long sessions to read the book, but it was well worth it. I enjoyed it despite its tendency to get too seeped in American politics at times. How can she help it, that is who she is! The human angle was great.

If you have not read it as yet, I would recommend that you do. You never know when you would be referring to her as Madam President!

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