31 July 2012

Dil Garden Garden Ho Gaya

Okay, I'll admit to being a music snob. All through school and college I was the one into nice old English singers like Elvis, Jim Reeves, Cliff Richards and their ilk. I even made my best friend in college because she knew who Pat Boone was! Of course that was not the only factor, but it was the first time I noticed her for real in Defence Studies class. I was part of the group who kept track of who won the Grammys and what were the acceptable numbers to listen to.

The point I'm trying to make is that Hindi songs and Bollywood music was acceptable for a bit, but there was no way that you admitted listening to tapori numbers or liking them. You had a rep to uphold and had to trash them. No more Ms Snob. It all started with me wanting to join a Salsa class. Well, I did say I was a music snob, unfortunately with no partner the Salsa business was getting difficult to arrange. Instead I was asked to join Jazz as it was a far more independent dance form.

So after dragging a friend of mine to at least five different institutes that taught dance in Dwarka we finally settled on Shiamak Davar's Institute of Performing Arts. Just one problem. They had only Bollywood Jazz available in the adult group. Any how we took the leap and plunged in. It should be ample to say that I'm still no where near surfacing...

Enter Anubhav and Kamal, the dance instructors. They have introduced me to all the tapori Bollywood numbers and have me dancing to them as well. When they first played the song "Dil Garden Garden Ho Gaya" I was just a little stunned. I mean I had to dance to this??? But as I tried to give the choreography a try I found myself sucked into this vortex of fun! It was amazingly liberating and I was actually enjoying the beat and rhythm. Now I'm looking forward to the Monsoon Funk!

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