22 March 2012

A whole new blog

Its been a while since I wrote anything on this blog. As I had begun two blogs at the same time in 2008 it was the one on wordpress that got more attention as it was more fun. The widgets were more friendly and the themes were fun. Since then there have been a large number of changes at Blogger. It has come up with a number of more useful features and the general format of the site has improved. Plus its much easier to monetize given that Google runs both Blogger and Adsense.

Since I was initially playing around more with the wordpress blog I had given the paid domain name www.cashmerelashkari.com to that blog. Last December when it was time to renew the domain name I decided I did not want it any more. Some privacy issues, and some financial ones made my decision. As of now there is a cyber squatter on that domain. (That is a person who has nothing to do with me but still bought my domain name hoping I would pay to buy it back. Not going to happen.)

Strangely enough once I kind of shut down the personal blog on wordpress I began to miss it and so I decided to revamp the one on blogger which I have been ignoring for the last couple of years. I spent the better part of the morning today sorting out this blog. I took out old posts that would be no use and deleted any internet forwards I had shared. I am wiser now about the kind of content that can get you in trouble. If I don't like my content being copied on other sites, they would not like it either.

All in all I have decided to continue with this blog as my main personal story teller. I have also come to realize that when you write a niche topic it is better to get a different website for it. So I have set up a few other websites. Here are the details

Party Food and Games - Party Food and Games
Tarot - Get a free online tarot reading
Rhymes and Lyrics for Kids  - Rhymes and Lyrics for Kids
Making Money Online - Work from home
Spoken English - Spoken English

Apart from these websites that I have set up I continue to write on a number of other revenue sharing site which includes Hubpages - Cashmere on Hubpages

Now I feel that the blog is cleaned up and ready to take on my story as I discover Delhi. I hope to write more often here than I have been on the wordpress blog. Lets hope it all comes together well. Look forward to your support on this blog, just as much as you supported me on the previous one. So long and take care till the next blog post!

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