17 January 2011

To Tell or Not to Tell: That is the Question

I used to think parents who spoke of nothing but their kids were so boring and inconsiderate. After all who is interested in what they have to say about their kids’ eating and sleeping habits much less their entire daily routine. I used to swear to myself that I would never be like that. I would not bore people to tears with what my kid said and did. Then he was born…

All of a sudden I was being plagued by relatives for more information on him and his photos and the eternal favourite, “Who does he look like?” I had to answer all the queries with patience despite being so sleep deprived. Once I left mother’s house and came back to my own it got compounded with her wanting to know exactly what he did every minute. She was missing him badly and I couldn’t deny her the knowledge of his daily routine.

Then to my horror I realized that with minimal prompting I was going into unnecessary details with friends as well. They passed it off as the enthusiasm of the young mother, but I was sunk in depression. Here I was despite my best intentions not to talk about my baby, telling all and sundry about what a fussy eater he was and how he would never take a nap beyond 15 minutes. My efforts to curb my enthusiastic recital were met with concerned “Are you feeling all right?”

So after much angst I decided what I had to do. I had to cheerfully join the pack of parents who need no encouragement to talk about their kids. I had to do it without feeling guilty as everyone does it. Everyday there are so many things that my little brat does which I wish to share with family and friends. So why should I not do so? No good reason comes to mind, so I will now take it one step further; I will blog about my baby. At least that way those of you who are not interested in my child needn’t suffer unnecessarily.

Once that is decided I have a lot of catching up to do. So watch this place for more about my baby boy!

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