09 September 2010

Look Ma, No Wheels

Peer pressure gets to them even younger. In our days it was the teenage years, some said it had come down to the tweenies (pre tens) but I’ll have you know its hit the five year olds. In the apparent first attack of peer pressure on Rehaan he wanted his cycle’s training wheels off. Gattu has a two wheel cycle, Tejas has a two wheel cycle, I want a two wheel cycle!
(With the training wheels it becomes a four wheel cycle)

So off we went both mother and son to the cycle shop to have the training wheels removed and the shiny new stand fitted. It was exciting indeed to get a two wheel cycle and further more the promise that if he learned to ride it he would get one of those Gems balls with the Ben Ten toys was more than he could handle.

He kept prancing around happily when the cycle repair shop man was working on removing the training wheels and fixing the stand. Fifteen minutes and forty bucks later Rehaan had a two wheel cycle, just as his little heart desired.

There was just one problem, suddenly he could not ride his cycle. The training wheels were missing and the balance was yet to manifest. So after a few shaky starts on the road he dragged the cycle along with him all the way home. The plan is to learn to balance on the new two wheel cycle today with Ma.

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