07 April 2009

Life Goes On

I just noticed that I barely wrote on this blog last month. Guess with all the traveling and visits to hospitals there was little time left to devote to this blog.
Plus since work related blogs took up what ever free time I had, there was no time spare to get creative here.

Now that things are settling down somewhat and I am getting set for this month I should be more active here. I am currently drawing up a proposal for some training programmes to be conducted at school and college levels in Loni. Should that work out I will have lots to report.

As of now, am just catching up with all the work that was left over. Am coping quite well and in a day or two should be up to speed. Then lets get busy with the new company logo. A friend of mine has designed some stuff and I am really keen to see that. Its an exciting thing to start off with any new venture.

Bye for now, more news as it is generated.

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