21 March 2011

Genesis, a new start

A new beginning is what the word means. That is literally what it is for my mom. My mother has made a radical shift in her life from being a Research Fellow perusing her Phd at NIRI to becoming an Army Wife and now an Owner of an Interior Decorating Firm.

An artist, she always was. Now she has finally come into her own and started this new company with a couple of friends. All of them are Forces Wives and have been shifting base with their husbands for more that 20 years each. Make that 30 years, in my mother's case.

There was no stability to set up shop anywhere for their talent. The paintings, murals, foil work, arts and craft that they made usually ended up being appreciated by all close friends who saw them. Usually gifting away their original work and being happy with an occasional order for a painting was their way of life.

Then they met up and the three of them got organised. They formed a company called GENESIS and struck out on their own. This was in 2008. The first two exhibitions that they held in Chandigarh had been moderate successes, giving them more motivation. Their third exhibition in Ahmednagar did much better.

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